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Hi, I'm Treva.  
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I'm a dietitian, personal trainer, and certified health coach who learned the hard way that the usual advice of "Eat Less, Exercise More" doesn't work.

After gaining forty pounds from thyroid disease, I realized that the same old weight loss strategies and tips weren't gonna take off my extra weight.  

After years of searching and learning, I've integrated research into hormones, behavioral psychology, habit formation, environmental design, exercise, stress management, and of course--nutrition, to develop a unique, effective approach to weight loss that helped me to take off my extra weight.

Over the past two years, I've streamlined, simplified, and systematized this unique weight loss approach with hundreds of coaching clients.  I started this blog to get these ideas and strategies out to you.

"I don’t want one more woman to waste her life and energy
feeling defeated about her weight-- like I was."

Real Healthy Habits empowers you with the knowledge of which habits really matter when it comes to weight loss, and most importantly how to make a personalized plan to lose the weight and keep it off. It's a plan that you can keep up for the long haul, but also revise as your life, preferences, or body changes. 


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