The 15 Shifts to Become a REAL Loser

What are the secrets of the most successful losers?  After coaching hundreds of people, I found these 15 habits and mind shifts in my clients who lose weight and keep it off.  Now I am sharing the keys to losing weight and keeping it off with you.

Secret to Weight Loss Success

I was coaching a married couple who had been super successful with weight loss and reversing chronic disease.  They were several months into the process and were glowing when I talked to them.  I was so excited for their happiness and success.  Not only were they reaching their goals, they had changed the trajectory of their lives.

After our session, I started thinking, “What was their secret?  Why were they so successful?  What did they have in common with my other successful clients?”  

I decided the best way to figure it out was to just start writing. It turned out to be one of those magical, mystical writing experiences.  I wrote the whole 15 Shifts to Become a REAL Loser in 1 hour.  It was a revelation.


In my day job, I have found that if patients work with me long enough, they will eventually discover the fundamentals that lead to losing weight and keeping it off on their own.  However, I noticed that when I gave my own personal clients the 15 Shifts Guide at the beginning, they made progress faster.

And here’s why...


The Trip

Let's say you have a new dentist across town. You're familiar with the area, but you aren’t totally sure which streets to turn on.  You might be able to wing it, but you'd rather use GPS to get there. 

Losing weight on your own is like realizing your phone is dead. Bummer!  You eventually make it to the dentist’s office 20 minutes late and after several wrong turns. With no map, you get there stressed, frazzled and worst of all...late.

Losing weight with the 15 Shifts Guide is like having a fully charged phone and totally reliable GPS. You end up at the dentist’s office 10 minutes before the appointment...relaxed and ready to go.

I have never arrived to an appointment 10 minutes early, but I imagine that it would feel pretty good :-). 


The 15 Shifts to Becoming a Real Loser

These 15 Shifts to Become a Real Loser, will probably be some of the most valuable content that I ever make.  I want to give you the map from the beginning.

I’ve never seen a list like this before that spells out the shifts that you should make to allow you to lose weight and keep it off for the long run. And that is why I created it. 

I want you to have it.  You need it so you don't get lost on your weight loss journey.

You're totally welcome.

I’ll have posts on each of the 15 shifts over the next couple of months—one a week.  I want to explain them in detail, so that you understand the process. 

I will also create action guides with each post, so you can put them into practice.  Remember:


I know 15 weeks is a long time to wait for the big reveal. I think if the lead up to Christmas was 15 weeks, my kids would go berserk.  Well, so would I.

I don’t want you to go berserk and have to wait 15 weeks to open this gift.  You can get the 15 shifts that are the secrets to my clients’ success now. You can jump to the chase, and print out the “Cliff Notes” version right now.

I want you to have the map.  No more guessing and trying to figure out how to lose weight without dieting all on your own.  I am here to help.

Until next time,


get the Guide to Losing Weight without Dieting!

What are the secrets of the most successful losers?  After coaching hundreds of people, I found these 15 habits and mind shifts in my clients who lose weight and keep it off. Now I'm sharing the guide to losing weight without dieting with you. Get the guide here...


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