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Finally Win With True Weight Loss Success

Finally Win With True Weight Loss Success


How Do I Lose Weight and Finally Keep it Off?

Most people focus solely on weight loss. This means they get caught in the Diet Frustration Cycle—having to go on diets, use all their willpower—just to put on the weight again. But if you want WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS, you need to ask for it.

What is Weight Loss Success?

  • Losing the weight AND keep it off long-term.

  • Being healthier and more energetic.

  • Having your new systems run on auto-pilot (with habits), so it doesn’t take over your life.

  • Making ENJOYABLE health and weight loss habits (it’s the only way to keep them up!)

  • Making SUSTAINABLE health and weight loss habits (No 7 hour Biggest Loser workouts here!)

You can DIY your weight loss success plan with my many resources (see links below) or you can get help from me 1-on-1.

Whichever option you choose, you can finally win and get true WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS.

How to Achieve the “No Candy" Halloween Miracle

How to Achieve the “No Candy" Halloween Miracle


When I was a child, I could only dream of being in control around Halloween candy. But this year, I had a Halloween Miracle—The “No Candy” Halloween Miracle.

There were two shifts that I had made for this miracle to occur.

two shifts

1. BECAME A FOOD SNOB—Elevate my tastes. There's a lot of tempting food around in our society.  But if you take the time to notice, most of it isn't really that good.

2. LOSE THE SWEET TOOTH—Eating real foods and rarely eating sweets causes your tastes to change. You no longer crave sweets, and they no longer taste that great.

The easiest way to become a Sweets Snob and to lose your Sweet Tooth is to institute a Dessert Day. Before you know it, you’ll have your own Candy Miracle.

your dreams can come true.

How to Nix Zombie Eating the Easy Way

How to Nix Zombie Eating the Easy Way


Sometimes it feels like a zombie has taken over your body and eaten a bunch of food. I call it —Zombie Eating.

To nix Zombie Eating, you need to know how your brain decides what to eat. There are two types of food decisions your brain makes: supermarket choices and fridge choices.


1. SUPERMARKET CHOICES—the shopping choices that you make for the future—what to put in your supermarket cart for the coming days and weeks. There are lots of influences on these.

2. FRIDGE CHOICES—the food choices that you make while looking in the fridge for your current meal. Usually they’re at the mercy of your subconscious, habit brain that likes pleasure, wants to avoid pain, and likes to be lazy.

Once you understand your brain, you can hack it to eat the good things. To switch from zombie eating, put the Boss Brain back in charge of your meals. To “eat like a boss,” ask yourself one simple question before you eat:


How to Make Sense of the Thousands of Weight Loss Diets

How to Make Sense of the Thousands of Weight Loss Diets

Why isn't this diet working for me?

Why are there are so many diets?  That’s because there's a lot of marketing hype around the latest diet, so publishers can make more money.

Why does one diet seems to work for your friend but not you?   Weight loss happens because of a calorie deficit.  There are six categories of weight loss habits that can cause a net calorie deficit. 

Weight Loss Habit Categories







Most diets focus on just one habit category--ignoring all the others.  You need to make weight loss habits across all six categories that are personalized for your body, your lifestyle, and your preferences if you want to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Five Secret Rules of Weight Loss that You Need to Know

Five Secret Rules of Weight Loss that You Need to Know

What am I missing about weight loss?  Why is it sooo hard?

Why is it so hard to get healthy, lose weight, and keep it off?  That’s because no one actually taught you the rules to the game. To live your best healthy life, this is a game that you need to win. 

Learn the five secret rules to weight loss that no one has ever told you that will make all the difference to your weight loss success.

Weight Loss Rules

1. There's nothing wrong with you if you're overweight.

2. Diets don't work, but healthy habits do.

3. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss habits. 

4. You need to enjoy your weight loss habits because you will have them for a very long time.

5. Weight loss isn't rocket science, but it is brain science. 


The Surprising Reason Your Last Diet Failed

The Surprising Reason Your Last Diet Failed

Why Can't I lose weight and keep it off on my diet?


Have you failed at dieting? It’s not just you. Diets don’t work. 95% of people who go on a diet regain the weight. To make matters worse, 33% - 66% of people end up heavier after a diet than if they never dieted in the first place.

In order to keep weight off forever, you need to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable and enjoyable. There’s the key—you have to like them and feel like you can keep them up. No one can keep up willpower and hunger forever. 


Here’s how to make changes that you can keep up forever.

1. Make changes that are enjoyable.

2. Make the healthy habit easier to do than the bad choice.

3. Come up with ways to splurge on purpose. 

How to Successfully Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How to Successfully Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How do I Enjoy My Holidays without gaining weight when there are so many temptations?


To avoid gaining weight at the holidays, we need  to craft a holiday weight strategy. This personalized holiday strategy needs to take into account your life, your traditions, your preferences, and your body. No matter what country you live in or what holidays you celebrate, these tips can help you be strategic about your holiday indulgences.

There are three strategies that make up the RHH Holiday Weight Strategy: Minimizing Temptations, Dealing with Free Food, and Splurging on Purpose.

Most weight gain comes from the leftovers, temptations, and free food on the days and weeks leading up to and after the holidays, so remember that the "Holiday is a Day--not a season."

Change Your Mind about Exercise to be a Better You

Change Your Mind about Exercise to be a Better You

How do I exercise when there are too many priorities on my To-do list?

To get yourself to exercise when you have too much to do, you have to change your mindset.  Very active women see exercise as something they do to decrease stress, to have more energy, and as a way to be "better versions" of themselves. Inactive women view exercise the opposite way--as selfish, stressful, and requiring too much commitment. It all depends on your mind.

To change exercise into something that get's done, you have to change how you think about exercise.

  1. Define how exercise can help you with your important roles in life--relieves stress and gives you more energy to be a better mother, wife, friend, homemaker, or employee.
  2. Rethink how you exercise. If you make exercise too hard and unpleasant, your sub-conscious will sabotage your efforts.

Be sure to start with an activity that you enjoy in the amount of time that seems fun to you. You can always increase the duration over time. 

Make the Healthy Choice the Lazy Choice

Make the Healthy Choice the Lazy Choice

How do I get myself to use willpower to make better food choices?

You actually need to stop relying on willpower to lose weight. Willpower is limited, so you can't rely on it for every food choice. Instead, use your willpower to make unhealthy food inconvenient and eating healthy very easy to do. Your sub-conscious part of your brain will always try to make the most efficient (lazy) choice. You can take advantage of your inherent laziness by making eating healthy the easiest, most convenient choice.