Hello, World! Introducing Real Healthy Habits

I started the Real Healthy habits community to help you reach your weight and health goals without dieting. I’ll show you how.  Let’s help our friends do the same. And let’s teach our children before it’s too late.  Will you join me? 

This is my first post. 

When you start a blog, the default post is titled, Hello, World. I’ve decided that’s an appropriate first post so,—“Hello, World!”—from Real Healthy Habits

It’s about time that I wrote this first post.

Well, to be fair, it’s not really my first post.  I have written hundreds of posts.  Unfortunately, they have all been composed in my head or while talking to others. 

Dozens have been jotted on scrap paper when I sweep my kitchen floor. Every time I talk to my sister on the phone she hears a new blog post (Sorry, sis!).  A couple times a week I compose a blog- worthy post when I talk to a weight loss client.  Last but not least, a few hundred posts have been written when I review my day with my husband (So sorry, sweetie!).

Now these blog posts are getting out of my head and being sent out into the world (and saving all my friends' sanity as well).

Let me start out this exciting blog adventure by sharing with you why I started the Real Healthy Habits community.


1. To Make Sense of it All

I admit it.  The first reason is a bit selfish. It’s getting a bit crowded in my head. I have so many ideas floating around in there. I’m obsessed. I can’t stop thinking about what really works for weight loss and finding new ways to coach it.

I spend my “allowance” on books with shipments from Amazon arriving weekly. I max out my library card week after week. (I’m only allowed 30 items) I listen to podcasts on my hour-long trip to pick up my daughter from preschool every day. I talk to my clients about weight loss in my own business and to my patients in my day job. This is all I think about.  Just ask my husband :-)

I generate a lot of thoughts and ideas. I feel like Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter fame. I am extracting one thought after another from my brain, with one post after another, and dropping it into this pensieve of a blog.  I need to get them out of my head and write them down to see the swirling patterns. I need to get them out, so I can systematize them for you.  I need to make my thoughts teachable and this blog is the only way I can see how. 


2. To Make Resources for my Clients

We are all drowning in information.  Especially when it comes to weight loss. When googling lose weight, I got 64,000,000 results.  When I specified lose weight and keep it off without dieting, I got 10,000,000 + results. 

Better, but still a bit overwhelming. There is so much information out there.  Unfortunately, it isn’t what my clients need.

I didn’t really want to start this blog.  I don’t have time for it. I don’t have energy for it. But, I could never find what I was looking for.

Out of the10,000,000 Google results, I couldn’t find the credible, actionable, helpful information and resources my clients needed!

I’ve gotten tired of looking.  So I finally resigned myself to the fact that I would have to create my own.   I wish there was information out there that I could use, but I have to face the facts. There isn’t. It’s up to me.


3. Change the World

And that brings me to number three.  I’ve been waiting for a guru or expert to stand up and lead.  I’ve been waiting for someone to change the conversation in America around weight loss.  I’ve been waiting for a leader for women who are weary of dieting, and deep in their heart know that there has to be another way.  

My heart hurts for every client who tears up in frustration as she talks about her ill-fated weight loss attempts and all the mental and physical energy going into the wrong things. It’s everywhere--the guilt, the shame, and the hopelessness surrounding weight, eating and exercise.  I hear it on Facebook, I hear it at the gym, and I hear it at the checkout line at the grocery store.

What we are doing in this country is not working. It’s not only us that is facing weight challenges. Now our children are facing weight challenges at earlier and earlier ages.  I can’t let the next generation suffer like we have.

I can’t wait any longer. You can’t wait any longer. Our children can’t wait any longer.  No Health Expert Superhero is coming forward. 

So y’all are stuck with me.  I am not perfect. But I am willing. I will step up.  I will be a voice of sanity and reality in the weight loss world.  

Will you help me?  Will you help your friends?  Will you help your children?

I want to change the world by helping you reach your weight and health goals without dieting. I’ll show you how.  Let’s help our friends do the same. And let’s teach our children before it’s too late.  I am throwing my hat in the ring.  Will you join me? 

If you are in, check out this post to find out what to do next.

Until next time,


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