10 Super Simple Healthy Habits for Crazy, Busy People

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How Can I Get Healthy When I’m So Crazy Busy?

Sure, some health habits can take hours, but getting healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming. Some super powerful health habits can take just minutes a day!

What are some Effective, Fast health habits i can make?

For an overall healthy life (in a very short amount of time), make these two health habits in these five areas.

  • Eat Better

    • Use a Smaller Plate

    • Eat Your Veggies First

  • Move More

    • Start with a 1 Minute Workout (for Cardio)

    • Use a 7 Minute Workout App (for strength training)

  • Optimize Recovery (sleep and stress management)

    • Set a Bedtime Alarm

    • Take a Deep Breath When Stressed

  • Retrain Your Brain (change your mindset & thoughts)

    • Strike a Power Pose Every Morning

    • Keep a Gratitude List Before Bed

  • Normalize Body Systems (recover and prevent chronic disease)

    • Eat Nuts for a Snack

    • Take Vitamin D (ask your healthcare provider first)

You can make progress toward your goals with these super simple health habits or you can get help from me 1-on-1 to get a personalized health habit plan.

Whichever option you choose, you can finally reach your goals.



If you’re too busy to revamp your health, think again. Join Treva Garcia, an expert health and weight loss coach, to find out the 10 super simple health habits that you can adopt today. They take just minutes, but you’ll feel and look better for years to come. You can eat better, move more, optimize recovery, retrain your brain, and normalize your body systems no matter how crazy your schedule is. —Real Healthy Habits



Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Let's say you want to get healthy or lose weight this year, but you’re too busy and you don't want to work that hard.

What if I gave you the 10 simplest things you could do yet had the biggest punch? You'd get big results without a lot of effort. Sounds fantastic, right? Healthy doesn’t have to be hard.

Simple Eat Right Habits

  1. Use a Smaller Plate

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The first thing you’ll wanna do is to eat right. But, how do you do that? Simple, switch to a smaller plate. That's the 1st habit. You'll eat less, but you won’t even feel like you’re doing it.

2. Eat Veggies First

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What about habit #2? Well, we're going to start our meals with our vegetables first. If you start with a salad or eat your vegetables first, you're going to be more full. You're going to eat maybe 200 calories less. That's what the research shows, so on your smaller plate, start with your vegetables first

Beginner Move More Habits

For our 3rd and 4th habits, we're going to move more. And when you’re starting out, it doesn’t have to take hours to begin getting in shape. We're going to start with just a one minute workout.

3. Cardio with a 1 Minute Workout

Sign 1 Minute Workout.png

If you are not working out, you are going to be surprised to learn that a one minute workout can get you just as much results for your heart and for your health as a 45 minute workout. Twenty second sprint, followed by two minute walk, another 20 second sprint, followed by another two minute walk, and finally a third 20 second sprint with another two minute walk. It’s short. It's amazing, and it's a great place to start.

Not feeling the sprint thing? Just get started with a one minute walk.

4. Strength training with 7 Minute Workout app

Sign 7 Minute App.png

If you want to start strength training, try the seven minute workout from the New York Times. They made the workout into an app to make it even easier to do. It's body weight exercise—no gym or weights required. It will get you started strengthening your body and toning up. It’s so easy to do, you can even try it while watching TV.


Optimize Recovery with Sleep and Stress Management Habits

Optimize recovery habits include getting more quality sleep and managing your stress. This is where habit #5 and #6 fall.

5. More Sleep with an Easy Hack

Sign Set Bedtime Alarm.png

Most adults have forgotten what a good idea it is to have a set bedtime. We just wait until we get tired, but you may miss the best time for you to go to bed by hours. Set a bedtime alarm for when you should start getting ready for bed. With this simple hack, you'll get way more sleep than you thought possible.

6. Reset Stress Response with a Deep Breath

Sign Breathe Deeply.png

The sixth habit is a hack for your stress system. Just breathe deep. Go ahead and take a deep, slow breath. Don't you feel better already? Train yourself when you're stressed to take a deep breath. This is going to switch you from fight-or-flight mode to rest-and-digest mode. Learn to breathe deep.

Retrain Your Brain to Feel Better

Okay, on to habits #7 and #8. These are going to be easy habits to change your mindset. Also known as Retrain your Brain habits.

7. start your day as superman

Sign Power Pose.png

So habit #7 is to start your day with a power pose. Stand like Superman or Wonder Woman in the morning for two minutes.

What that's gonna do? Well, it's going to rev your testosterone. And, it's going to decrease your cortisol. The increase in testosterone is going to make you feel powerful, and less cortisol is going to make you relax. So, stand like Superman as soon as you get up in the morning.

8. end your day with gratitude

Sign Gratitude List.png

Then, on to #8. Write down three things you're grateful for or that went well that day before you go to bed. It doesn't need to be fancy and it doesn’t need to take pages, just make a quick list. This simple habit retrains your brain to stop being so stressed, and gratitude makes you happy. Come on and give it a try. See if it works for you.

Recover from or Prevent Chronic Disease with Simple Habits

Habits #9 and #10 help you to normalize your body systems. What this means is that these habits help you recover from or prevent chronic disease. You’re going to love these ideas. They are so simple!

9. Nuts as a Super Food snack

Sign Nuts as snack.png

This habit is to eat nuts as a snack. Yum, right?

Eating a serving of nuts daily has been shown to decrease heart attacks, strokes, decrease blood sugar, make you feel more full, and even lose some weight. I know it sounds hard to believe, but nuts are a wonder snack that I recommend to my clients (as long as you're not allergic).

10. take Vitamin D Everyday

Sign Vitamin D.png

All right, #10! We're on the home stretch. This habit is to start taking Vitamin D. (Of course, always check with your doctor before you start any supplements.) The large majority of us Americans are low in Vitamin D. And Vitamin D has been implicated in all kinds of things like blood sugar issues, blood lipid level issues, and other chronic diseases. 

So if you are low in vitamin D, which you probably are, you may want to start on 1000 or 2000 international units per day. Again, talk to your doctor before you do it, but it's something that almost everyone needs.

What to Do Next

Want to DIY your Health and Weight Loss Habits?

If you want to get healthy and lose weight this year, start with these 10 Super Simple Healthy Habits that are also super effective. Even if you’re crazy busy, I bet you can find the time. These 10 simple habits take just minutes a day, but they’ll benefit your health and weight loss for years to come.

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Want Help With That?

If you’re done with DIY and want to reach your goals this year once-and-for-all, here’s what you should do:

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  3. Then, we’ll get started--finally succeeding one habit at a time.

With the Real Healthy Habits Jumpstart Program, your definition of weight loss success can finally be a reality.

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