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Treva Garcia, RD

I'm a dietitian, health coach, and personal trainer who helps busy people put all their personalized health and weight loss habits on autopilot for results that last.

Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist
Certified Health Coach—ACE
Certified Personal Trainer—ACSM

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Hi, I’m Treva.

In today’s world, we all lead busy lives, and as a business owner and mother of 4, I get it!

Life is busy and just keeps getting busier. You mean to be healthy and eat right, but who has time for another project?

I sure didn’t.

But, when I had 40 pounds to lose and my health to rebuild after my own autoimmune thyroid crisis, I knew I didn’t have a choice. My health, energy, and vitality were key to taking care of my family. But I was frustrated with a slow metabolism, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance and chronic disease

I found myself knowing "what I should be doing to lose weight," but not getting results and not being able to force myself to do it.

So I started asking all the tough health and weight loss questions for myself -- like “how do I get more willpower, why can’t I stay motivated, and why is getting healthy and losing weight so tough? “

I discovered that the answer to all these questions is simply--My Brain. 

Once I realized that there was nothing wrong with me, I learned that the autopilot part of my brain had been sabotaging my health and weight loss efforts.

I learned that the subconscious habit part of my brain is very powerful and sneaky, but it could be trained to do the hard work of getting healthy and losing weight.

Finally, I learned all I could about neuroscience and psychology, and with all the knowledge that I already had in nutrition, exercise science, and behavior change, I was able to put all my health and weight loss habits on autopilot to reach my goals.

Then, I figured out how to teach my clients to do the same— reach their goals by training their brains to make personalized autopilot health and weight loss habits.

I've since helped hundreds of people by teaching them to work with their own bodies, lifestyles, and preferences to develop a custom health habit plan to reach their own goals and then program it to run on autopilot.

My mission is to help people feel better than they have in years without taking years to do it. Autopilot Health and Weight Loss Coaching allows you to ignore all the “noise” and zero in on what matters for you to get results that last.

Here on the Real Healthy Habits website, I teach you what you need to know if you want to DIY your own autopilot health and weight loss habits.

Or, if you’re done trying to figure it out yourself, I offer coaching programs to help you. You save time, money, and effort by getting your own custom health and weight loss habit plan and then being coached until it’s on autopilot.

No matter where you’re at or where you want to go, I can help you develop enjoyable, sustainable custom habits that will help you to reach your goals on AUTOPILOT.  

Here’s to living your best life,