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Treva Garcia

Hi, I’m Treva.  

I’m a registered dietitian, ACSM certified personal trainer, and ACE certified health coach. Despite all my training, it took me years of research and experimentation, before I lost the forty pounds that I'd put on with thyroid disease.  Despite all the frustration and effort, I consider it the best thing that could've happened to me.

Why's that, you ask? 

Because I get it!

I understand weight struggles deep down and personally.  I understand being frustrated with a slow metabolism, hormone imbalances, insulin resistance, and chronic disease. I relate to knowing "what I should be doing to losing weight," but not being able to make myself do it.

If it was hard for me--someone who has spent her whole adult life studying weight loss--then how do my client’s feel?  I get it. Weight loss can seem impossible. And at times it really is impossible.

that's because the usual advice of just eat less and exercise doesn’t work.

By combining all the latest research in nutrition, exercise science, hormones, neuroscience, behavior change psychology, and habit formation, I've learned how to work with my own body and get the results I want.

Most importantly though, I've also learned what works for other women by coaching hundreds of people to start working with their own bodies, lifestyles, and preferences. 

My approach is going to be different than your personalized plan as each of us has our own personal combination of lifestyle obstacles, health challenges, and likes/ dislikes.  

For example, I'm a busy mom of four who has my own weight loss coaching business. My health issues are that I've had my thyroid removed due to autoimmune thyroid disease, and I have insulin resistance. I know my way around the kitchen, my kitchen is gluten-free due to my daughter's celiac disease, and I've never met a vegetable that I don't like (well, to be truthful, I am kind of iffy on radishes.)

Now if you're a mom with a newborn and more kids than me (God bless you), you've got post-baby weight to lose and you're nursing, you prefer convenience meals and you can count the vegetables that you like on one hand, it makes sense that we wouldn't do the same thing to get to our goal weight. 

So Why are DIETS one-size-fits-all?

Good question!  I'll teach you a unique personalized approach to weight loss that'll help you get the results that you've been hoping for-- but will take into account your life and your body.    

I get that finding time and energy for your own health is a challenge. But, it isn’t impossible.  With some new habits and some shifts in your mindset, you can create the healthy weight that you have always wanted.  Come join our community and learn what really works (and have fun doing it)!

Just a few more things about me--I love coaching my clients (y’all rock).  My favorite thing to do is order books from Amazon (and reading ½ of them).  I enjoy kickboxing (and I'm okay at it).  I like lifting weights (but only if the gym isn't crowded).  I don't mind cooking (but only when I am not tired).   And, I have a passion for eating good food (all the time)! 

If you'd like to find out about my many trainings and certifications, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

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Savannah Garcia

Hey, I’m Savannah. I'm the artist here. I make all the fun graphics. My mom’s the one who’s making the website. I’m just here to get paid. ;^) Just kidding!

I love art, and I’m happy to see how my mom will use my work. Besides, what’s better than getting paid for doing something you love?

I’m a regular high school student, but I hope to create concept art for video games and movies when I graduate. I hope you enjoy my illustrations! :^)


Note from Mom--I'm so proud of the fun, beautiful graphics that Savannah has made.  My blog wouldn't be the same without them.  She says that the designs that she makes for the blog, "aren't really art."  


I'm so lucky to have her as part of my team (and family:-).