Day 46--Planning for Real Life

Welcome to Day 46!





Now we’re onto real-life—how to make your daily and weekly plan.

Yesterday we did steps 1-5 of the Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Planning Process.

  1. Write Down Your Why

  2. Write Down Your Ideal Daily Habits

  3. Schedule Your Ideal Daily Habits

  4. Schedule Weekly Recurring Appointments in the Ideal Weekly Template

  5. Add Your Habits on Each Week Day in the Ideal Weekly Template

Now we’re on step 6 of the Ultimate planning process.  

Plan Your Real Life Week

6. Fill Out Your REal Life Weekly Plan

At each weekly review planning session, fill out your Weekly Planning sheet for the upcoming week.  You may have already started planning in your meals and exercises on your weekly sheet, but now you’re going to assign each item to a time slot. 

Plan Your Real Life Day

7. Plan out each Day the night Before with a REal Life Daily Plan

Plan out each new day the night before on the Daily Planning Sheet. The Daily Planning Sheet is the one where you write in the date (the title is not on it). You’ll use this every day unless you have a planner  your prefer. This is what I call Plan C. 

Make a Daily Planning Habit

Building a habit around doing this every afternoon before leaving work or every evening before you go to bed is critical to your success and reducing stress levels.

The Assistant needs to know that you have everything covered before she allows you to relax (like when you go home from work or when you go to bed).  She’ll keep reminding you about stuff you need to do unless you’ve written it done and she knows you have a plan to get it done. 

When will you plan your day? 

Decide now and put an alarm into your phone until it becomes a habit. 

Planning Your Day

Here’s the steps to filling out your daily planning sheet.

  1. Write down what you’ll do to work on all your habits. 

  2. Then look back at your weekly template and write in those recurring appointments or meetings.

  3. Then, add the appointments for that day .

  4. Add your top three priorities of the day (paying special attention to priority #1.  That’s supposed to help you get closer to your big WHY).

  5. Add any other to-do’s for the day.

Have an Amazing Day

8. Go crush your Day. 

Be a Scientist

9. Review Your Day

Do the Day’s Review in the evening before you fill out the next day’s plan. 

Remember to review your day like a scientist.  You’re not judging—just getting data. And remember, that bad days always give good data.

The Day’s Review will help you to see what went well, have gratitude, and what did not go well that day, so each day gets better and better.  

So, if you’re up for it, go ahead and do your real-life plan for tomorrow and notice how it’s so much easier to reach your goals when you have a script.

Mission Freedom!



Using the PDF forms I provided or your own scheduler, plan out your real life week and real life day.

At the end of the day, go back and fill out the Day’s Review.

Then, fill out a plan for a real life day for tomorrow.

Download the Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Planning Process Forms

(These are the same forms from yesterday.)