Day 33--Your Owner's Manual

Welcome to Day 33!




Your Owner’s Manual

All along this program we have been figuring out what works for you—what works with your body, your life, your preferences.

That is important information. In fact, it's essential.

If you don't figure that out, then you're not going to be successful in the long term when it comes to getting healthy, losing weight, and keeping it off.

Need Reminders

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget the lessons that we've learned.

So, I've created a place for you to start capturing that information.

That Assistant of yours, if you don't remind her what's important, she’s going to forget (or “forget” on purpose because remember she likes pleasure, she wants avoid pain, and she wants to be lazy.)

We need to keep things in front of her to remind her—those things that you’ve been formulating the last several weeks when we've talked about rules and strategies.

Your Owner’s Manual

And, so I've created a place for you to capture that. This is appropriately called your Owner's Manual.

Because we're all different, we're all going to have different ways that we keep ourselves on track. You're going to be able to capture that here in your owners manual.

Your Personal Meal Plan

There's going to be a place for you to put your meals. Like what kind of healthy plates you have—those plate ratios that work for you. So there will be breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Your Rules

There's going to be places for you to put specific rules that you've developed. Those rules may be “I only eat at meal times or snacks (so you don’t have BLTs in between. So, you'll be able to list your rules.

Your Strategies

There will also be a place for your specific strategies. So, you can write down the strategies that pretty much everyone has like weekend strategies, holiday strategies, and vacation strategies, there will be a place for you to capture that.

Then, you’ll also have your own specific ones that are just for you. Such as a strategy for when you travel for work. Or, maybe you have a strategy when your husband's out of town. Maybe you have a strategy that's just specific for soccer season. Whatever it is, you're going to have a place to capture that so you don't have to relearn the same lessons over and over again.

Learn the Lessons from the Past

Remember, I've told you that bad days give you good data.

Well, let's stop relearning those same lessons over and over again. And learn them for good the first time. We’ll come up with strategies and then remember what those strategies are.

For instance, it probably took me three or four thanksgivings to finally realize, “Hey, I should make a half the recipe of Pumpkin cheesecake.” That way I won’t continue eating leftover pumpkin cheesecake (a radioactive food of mine) for days and days and gain 3-4 pounds just from Pumpkin cheesecake.

So, now I have smaller springform pans. I make smaller cheesecakes.

Unfortunately, I had to learn that lesson over and over again. Because Thanksgiving comes just once a year, I’d forget and then gain several pounds each year (and then have to take them off again).

But, now you’ll have a place to capture that important info.

So you're going to learn a lesson once, then you’ll capture it in your owner's manual. This will help stop you from having to re-learn those lessons over and over again.

Fill it Out Over Time

Below you'll find your Owner's Manual.

This isn't something that you have to fill out all at once. In fact, you won't be able to fill it all out at once. It will take some time.

And the next few weeks I'm going to talk about the roadmap or what I call the Star Map to Mission Freedom—how you can finally be free when it comes to your health, weight, and habits. And, there's a roadmap there.

The owner's manual will help you as you go along that Star Map to capture that information. So you have a dedicated place to learn from it.

The Assignment

Print off the pages or fill out the PDF on your computer.

Start working on what you already know.

Then as time goes on, fill in new things that you figure out.

Over time, you'll fill in all of the pieces.

Let me know if you need any help.

I'm so excited about this owners manual for you. It's going to help you make progress. like you won't believe.

Mission Freedom!

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