Day 45-Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Planning Process

Welcome to Day 45!




The Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Planning Process


I teach a scheduling process that I adapted from Brian Johnson’s Masterpiece Days. I call it the Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Planning Process. 

Plan A—The Ultimate, Ideal Day

Kind of like how you use meal templates when planning your meals, you need a template of what the Ultimate Health and Weight Loss Day would look like for you. This is a day with all of your weight loss and healthy habits scheduled in.

I wanted to call it the Perfect Day, but no day will actually be perfect. Every day seems to throw out a new curveball.

The Ultimate Day is like your PLAN A if all things in life were perfect. Your actual day will not be perfect, but this is where you pretend it is.  

plan-your-ultimate-day ver2.png

You might only fill out this worksheet once. 

But, don’t worry if you need to add some habits later. You can always change it.

Also as a mom of school-age kids, I find that I have to do this schedule template twice a year--at the beginning of the school year and the beginning of the summer. 

Don’t hesitate to re-work this template any time your schedule shifts a bunch.

Plan B—The Ultimate, Ideal Week

Now we let’s talk about making PLAN B.

You’re going to use a weekly calendar template to write down all your recurring responsibilities like staff meetings, church, kids’ dance classes, workout classes, etc.  This will help you to know how to change your Ultimate Day habits a bit each day depending on that day’s responsibilities. This is what I call PLAN B. 

This worksheet may also be filled out just once.  

You may want to consider having your spouse fill out one as well. My husband and I each fill out one of these each school year, so we can coordinate our schedules. This way he can plan out his evening workouts, and we can split and conquer kid duties.

This ultimate weekly template takes into consideration all those changes you need to make on a day-to-day basis. So PLAN B is what I would consider the plan for a perfect Monday or a perfect Saturday.  

plan-your-ultimate-week ver2.png

But again, there are no perfect days (or very few at any rate).  So, let's go onto PLAN C.

Plan C—A Real-Life Week and Day

What's PLAN C?  

It's your actual plan or your schedule for the week and for the day. This is where you start planning for real life. 

You’ll want to fill out a weekly plan during your weekly review.

And then, fill out a daily plan each night (before each day). This is Plan C.

plan-your-every day ver2.png

This weekly schedule is where you take into account things like doctor's appointments, networking events, and school meetings. You’re trying to create your day as close to PLAN B as you can, but you'll have to be flexible and do your best. 

Remember that one of the 15 shifts is to Plan Ahead. An awesome week starts the week before (with a plan). An awesome day starts the night before. So, plan each day the night before.

Permission-Based Scheduling

Experts call this method of planning--Permission-Based Scheduling. Basically, that official sounding name means that you give yourself permission to be flexible and change your schedule depending on your wants and needs for the day.  

You aren’t a robot. You’re human. You get to be flexible and change your schedule.

It might take me some time on the front end to do this process, but it’s so worth it! 

Secret to Success is Planning

This is the secret to healthy habit success. This process allows you to keep from having to make tough willpower decisions day-after-day.

If I have a template for what my Ultimate Day looks like, then I actually get to the gym.  If I have a daily plan, then I know when it’s a crockpot or pressure cooker night. That way my kids won’t have to eat dinner in their pajamas. 

Ultimate Day Woksheet Image.png

The Ultimate Day template makes it way more likely that you'll reach your goal targets.

Obviously, you don’t have to use my templates. I just made these for myself and my clients to work RHH. And of course, you always have a choice as to whether you do anything I teach. So planning is one of those things.

In fact, one study showed that only 1/3 of people had scheduled out their days. But, scheduling and planning will allow you to be master of your day, your week, and your life.

You don’t want your health and weight loss habits to be at the mercy of your crazy schedule. You want to take control and meet your weight loss and health goals despite the challenges. 

In the words of the epic film Boss Baby (yes,it’s a family favorite around here),



Alright, let’s do this.  Today we’ll work through making your templates for the Plan A and Plan B (your perfect day and week.) 

Tomorrow we’ll make your first real week and day plan.

I have PDFs for all of these pages, but you’re welcome to use your own planner or digital scheduler if you’d prefer.  Go ahead and click on the PDFs now.

Start with the My Ultimate Day page. 

Now here are the steps to filling out your Ultimate Day template.

1. Write down your Why

Write down your Why. Your “Why” is what you feel you are on this earth to do. Basically, this is the reason you get up every morning and why it’s important to you that you have your health and weight loss habits on automatic. 

My Why is two-fold: 1) Help my family to learn to be happy, kind, and reach their potential and 2) Help women understand their brains, and then train them to do what they want them to do automatically, so they can have vibrant lives and teach their kids to do the same. 

Then I add why my health is important to achieving my mission: My healthy habits are essential for me to have the energy and positivity I need to accomplish these goals. 

2. Write Down Your ideal Daily Habits

Write down all the habits that you are trying to include in your Ultimate Day template. I consider your health and weight loss habits fundamentals. I categorize them as Eat, Move and Recover (Sleep and Stress Reduction). If they’re out of balance, then the rest of your day will be too. 

I also include two other types of habits- Grow and Connect. Growth can be personal or career goals. They both count. 

Connect can be ways that you want to connect with others such as your spouse, family, friends, or other associates.  

There’s also an Other category because you just never know when you may need it. I usually use that for play. More about that in a couple of days.

3. Schedule Your Ideal daily Habits

Schedule your habits into the My Ultimate Day worksheet. Remember that as you schedule your healthy habits most of them will probably end up in your AM/ PM--mornings and evenings. This when you tend to have the most control of your day. 

Making an Ultimate Week Template

Now we’ll fill out the Ultimate Week Template. Take out the My Ultimate Week template page next.

4. Schedule Recurring Weekly Appointments

This is where you make a note of scheduled recurring appointments like soccer practices, church meetings, workout classes, and date nights. Then, compare each day of the week with the Ultimate Day template. 

5. Add Your Habits on Each Week Day

Figure out your version of the Ultimate Day for each day of the week. This is your Plan B of how to have an Ultimate Day on a Thursday when your child has 2 Dance classes and your husband has a college class. 

**This concludes the steps that you’ll have to do just one time. I say that with an asterix because remember that if your schedule changes dramatically (think summer vacation or new school year), you may want to redo these. 

Tomorrow we’ll learn how to take those Ultimate templates and use them to make your real life weekly and daily schedules. 

Mission Freedom!



Make a Daily and Weekly Planning Template that you can pull from to schedule all your habits in for an ideal day and an ideal week.

Download Your Ultimate Planning Worksheets Here