Day 9--First Thing Morning Routine

Astronauts don’t leave anything to chance. They always use a pre-flight checklist.


Today we’re going to put all your morning habits together into a First Thing Morning Routine. It will include reading the Big Why, stepping on the scale, doing mental contrasting, and coming up with an action plan for the day.

Sometimes you’ll remember every step. Sometimes you won’t, and that’s why you want to use a checklist. Pilots use checklists just to be sure that they don’t forget any important steps.

Don’t leave your day to chance—use your First Thing Morning Routine Checklist to get those fires burning every morning. Be sure to download and print the checklist and hang it in your bathroom near your bathroom scale.




Putting it All Together

Today we're going to talk about the First Thing Morning Routine.This is is putting together all those pieces of habits that we've already made for the morning, like weighing yourself and reading your Big Why. All that gets put together, and this is going to be key to making some great progress with Real Healthy Habits.

Motivation is like a Campfire

Now what I want you to do for a second is to think about when you go camping. When you go camping, you make a campfire at night. It burns and gives you a lot of heat, but by the by the morning it's all out. Then, you have to make another campfire for the next day.

Well, that's kind of like our motivation. It can be pretty high and it gives off a lot of heat, and then it kind of goes out. We've got to start over the next day, and I want you to know that's just the way it is. There's nothing wrong with that. We just have to make sure we get a fire going every day, So we're motivated and we remember why it is we're making all these changes

First Thing Morning Routine is the Match

We can sit around and wait for a stroke of lightning to come along and get that fire going. Or, we can take matters into our own hands and get that campfire going with a match. And the match that we're going to use is our First Thing Morning Routine. It's going to get our fires burning, get us motivated, and get us on the right path every single morning.

Pieces of the First Thing Morning Routine

So think about the different pieces of the morning routine that we've already done. I'm going to tell you how they all go together.

Here's what's on your checklist:

  1. Big Why—The first thing is read over that Big Why.

  2. Scale—The second thing you're going to do is you're going to step on the scale. That's to remind you that yesterday's choices mattered and today's choices matter.

  3. Picture Future—Then, you're going to think of that picture in your mind, a view in the future where you've reached all your goals.

  4. Identify Obstacles—Then you're going to think, what things or what obstacles could get in my way today to throw me off that path?

  5. Solution Plan—And you're going to come up with a couple of ways that you can overcome those obstacles and make today an amazing day.


Your Assignment

Go ahead, download this checklist and do your First Thing Morning Routine— all put together from now on.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your coach.


Click Here to Download and Fill out or Print

Click Here to Download and Fill out or Print