Day 6 (or 7) --Weekly Review

You made it through your first week of the RHH Space Settlement Program!

Wondering what you got yourself into? Wanting to quit--maybe just a tiny bit?

Totally Normal!

Learning new things and building new habits takes your sub-conscious part of your brain, the Assistant, squarely out of her comfort zone. She's going to fight back. Remember she likes more pleasure, to avoid pain, and to be lazy. Making core changes to her habits and defense strategies are going to rock her world. Remember she's immature emotionally--kind of like a teenager, so there's going to be lots of grumbling and fighting going on in your brain.

What do you do when a teenager throws a fit? You can try and soothe her and let her know why you're doing something and tell her all the benefits. If that doesn't work, you just tell her that this is the way things are going to be and just ignore her.

Are you feeling a little behind? 

Totally Normal!

Life doesn't stop just so we can change our habits and lose weight. Kids still need to be clothed and fed. Soccer practice still needs to be attended. Jobs are still there. And, our spouse still wants some attention.

If you're a lesson or two behind, don't give up. That's one of the rationalizations your Assistant part of your brain will throw out at you.

She wants you to feel overwhelmed and to quit. She doesn't really like the whole RHH weight loss thing. She would rather keep everything the way it was.

Don't let the Assistant be in charge.

Remember to read your 5 Why summary statement and weigh yourself this morning. This is important. This is about so much more than a number on the scale.

You've got this and I'm here to help.

You'll have tomorrow off. Astronauts need time to recover after all. If you need to, you can use that time to get caught up.

Weekly Review

So today is your first Weekly Review.

Since we want to be scientists around here, we need to take some time to take our measurements (scale, body measurements—if applicable, and non scale victories), review what went well this week (so we can do more of that), and to learn from what could have gone better (we don't get mad at ourselves, we just get better).

The Weekly Review allows you to do just that. 

The Weekly Review is one of the most important pieces of the Real Healthy Habits Coaching Program. Most of what we do in life is ruled by the Assistant part of the brain. We aren't really aware of what's going on and why things went well (or not).

But taking a few minutes over the weekend to fill out the Weekly Review, allows you to notice what The Assistant has been up to and to make a (better) plan with The Boss.

The Weekly Review is also a time for questions and support. I will look at your Weekly Review Form and give you input, encouragement, and that all important accountability.

Make sure you take advantage of this feature of the program. Next to the 1-on-1 coaching, this is the best value and most helpful part of the whole program.

You will find the Weekly Review in your Healthie account.

This Week:

We have put 2 very simple, but powerful habits in place.

  • Reading your 5 Why Statements each morning

  • Getting on the Scale each morning

The 5 Why Statement reminds both the Boss and the Assistant parts of your brain that weight loss is a priority today. Weighing yourself daily reminds the Assistant that what you do today matters for your weigh-in tomorrow.

We have also learned some very important concepts:

  • Long term weight loss depends on retraining the sub-conscious Assistant part of your brain

  • 5 Whys--Weight loss is not just about fitting in smaller jeans (although that's nice ;-)

  • Success with the Real Healthy Habits program can have a lot broader definition than just one number

  • The importance of weighing yourself daily

  • The 15 shifts that you will make in the RHH program

Today's mission is to watch the video explaining the Weekly Review. Then, do the Weekly Review or schedule some time to do it this weekend.



The Weekly Review

So today's the day—it's time for the weekly review.

Be a Scientist

So one of the big parts of the Real Healthy Habits approach is being a scientist.

When we talk about choosing your own adventure, we won't always get our habits, strategies, or rules right the first time. In fact, we don't usually get it right the first time.

We might get parts of it right—25%, 50%—But then we learn, and go back and tweak our habit a little bit. Maybe we get rid of some of the temptation by changing our environment so things go more smoothly. That's part of the process.

You're not going to get it right the first time right off. So be a scientist and learn from your mistakes. Remember that bad days give us good data. Be compassionate towards yourself. It's part of the process to learn, change things, and then try again.

Need to Capture Data and Evaluate

In order to use the magic of all that good data (from those bad days), we have to capture it and then make new steps for ourselves. We got to make a change to our environment or find new ways to put that good data into use. And, that's where the weekly review comes in.

So the weekly review helps us to look back at our habits, see where we did awesome, and where are we might've struggled a little bit. We also get to pinpoint where we are using too much willpower.

One of the big things that I like to talk about is— don't use willpower unless you have an emergency. We want to set up our habits, so we don't need to use willpower. Going back to look at that weekly review helps us to pinpoint where we're using willpower and where we need to change things up a little bit. 

The Assignment

Your assignment today is to fill out your weekly review. Next week we will talk about Pain Points, so just ignore that block this week.

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