Day 4--Using Your Scale

You made it through your first couple days of bootcamp as a RHH Space Settlement Astronaut!

Now it gets hard.

That's why we started with why you wanted to build a new life in the Freedom Galaxy. That Why will remind you why you "want It".

This first week we are getting the habits down for your pre-flight checklist. I know you want to get on the path to the Freedom Galaxy, but we’ve got some work to do upfront to get ready for the journey. It may feel like we aren't getting serious yet, but self-monitoring works. Just by stepping on the scale every day your Assistant part of the brain is going to start making some changes.

Today you get a new habit--getting on the scale every morning. It's a simple task, but for some people this will be a hard one. For me, this was really difficult to do at first. Now it's just what I do, and the number isn't important. I'm just keeping track of the trend. Don't worry you'll get there too.

One reason that I teach you to step on the scale every morning is that over the last several years, new research has come out that people who weigh themselves daily lose more weight and keep it off. In fact, in one study if you went longer than five days without weighing, your weight started creeping up.

Another reason that you want to step on the scale every day is you realize that every choice/ habit you make has consequences that will get you closer or further from your weight loss goal.

You'll also start seeing trends. You may see that your weight is up after each weekend or if you eat something really salty your weight goes up for a couple days. I want you to get very familiar with what helps you to lose weight and what throws a wrench in your weight loss.

Start off your morning by reading your 5 Why Summary Statement. This will remind both your Boss brain and the Assistant brain why weight loss is important to you. You're making sure that weight loss stays a priority to your brain during the day.

Then I want you to weigh yourself daily. This will remind the sub-conscious Assistant part of the brain that actions have consequences.

The Assistant is all about short term pleasure. She will try to convince you that you should indulge right now because you have all the time in the world to lose weight. She loves her loopholes. But, by weighing yourself everyday, she can't put off weight loss anymore. She knows that the Day of Reckoning comes every day because you will step on that scale.

Give yourself some time to get de-sensitized to the number or switch your scale to kilograms. If you want more more info about how to weigh or why weighing daily is helpful, you can check out the blog post at .

Be sure to ask me any questions or tell me your concerns that you have about weighing daily.

Today’s mission is to help you get your Assistant to stop putting off weight loss for some "perfect day" in the future. Today is now that day--perfect or not.




Today we're going to talk about weighing yourself.

I know. It's everyone's favorite topic, right?

The scale has gotten a bad rap, and I'm going to help you to change your ideas about the scale. It can be one of the best tools for you to lose weight without dieting.

So in the past, a lot of us have thought of the scale like a stern judge— that's going to condemn us to a day of unhappiness and self-loathing. But, I want you to have a different idea about your scale.

Don’t Hate the Tool

Your scale is just a tool. It's something we use to evaluate. We don't get mad at the calculator if we don't like how much money is in our bank account. We don't get mad at a tape measure if we were building something and we built it the wrong size. So, let's stop getting mad at the scale and learn how to use it so we can lose weight.

How to Think about your Scale

There's a couple of things that I want you to think about when it comes to using your scale. And, this is why you're going to love using your scale from day-to-day. Okay, Maybe not at first, but you're going to get there.

When we know that we're going to get on the scale that reminds our subconscious, every single day, that losing weight is important. Remember we're reading our Why, our Truly Motivating Why, every day and then we get on that scale. That’s two strong arguments to our subconscious brain saying that losing weight is a priority.

There's a couple of things I want you to think about when it comes to weighing yourself. First, if you have a history of eating disorders and your counselor or your doctor have told you, “Don't weigh every day.” We will definitely do what's best for you. Again, we're choosing your own adventure here. So if you have any questions about weighing and how to do it, please just let me know or ask me a question about it and we'll find that perfect fit for you.

Second, I know a lot of us have those hard feelings about the scale and that number that we see on the scale. After a bit of time, you're going to get used to that number and acclimated to it, so you're not going to feel badly about it. Where you're going to be doing is looking at the trend from day-to-day. And, remember it's not going to go down every single day. We know that that's a normal part of it. It's going to go up and down, but we're looking at that trend.

You can weigh yourself in Kilos

However, you don't have to weigh yourself in pounds. A lot of us have a certain number that we have bad feelings about it. But you can, if you have a digital scale, you can switch your scale over to kilograms. Or if you're in a different country (than the US), do it the other way around. But, you can use kilograms. 

A lot of us don't have any emotional meaning behind the number in kilograms. And my scale will even measure you in stones. I have no idea what that number is. I know they use it in England, but you can change how you measure yourself. So then you're just looking at that trend and you have no particular emotional feelings about it.

How to Weigh Yourself

Most of us know how to weigh ourselves, but I don’t care how you do it, just be consistent. Most people like to wake up, go to the bathroom, then weigh themselves first thing in the morning.

However, I did have a client who weighed himself at night at work with steel-toed boots on, but he was consistent about it. I’m sure he had a nice weight loss when he got weighed in the doctor’s office.

Weight is the Measure of the Earth’s Pull of Gravity

I want to add is that no matter what that scale says, I want you to remind yourself that it's just a number. What your weight really is—is just a measurement of the earth's pull of gravity on you. In the whole scheme of things, remember that it's just a number.

Your Assignment

Here's your assignment today. You may not be watching this first thing, so it might be hard for you to get on the scale right now. But I want you to set a reminder on your phone for five minutes after your alarm goes off in the morning to weigh yourself. Change the text there, so that it says get on the scale. But every day from now on, you're going to be weighing yourself.

So if it's convenient for you now, go ahead and step on that scale and see what it says (and remember it's just a number and we're going to be seeing it go down). The next thing I want you to do is go ahead and add that alarm to your phone.