Day 3--Creating Your Real Goal

So you want to become a RHH Space Settlement Astronaut, but what for?

Most people come here for weight loss, but your weight is just a measure of the pull of earth’s gravity on you. It’s just a number. And we won't be on the earth for much longer.

When it comes to weight loss, what you really want is a feeling or a change --goals that you feel losing weight will give you. But the Non-Scale Goals that you want, aren't usually defined by a single number. 

First, let's brainstorm which Non-Scale Goals you're after. Use the PDF below to make a list of the 10-20 non-scale goals, advantages, reasons, and benefits for getting healthier and losing weight on the form below.

These will be the Non-Scale Goals or criteria that you will use to evaluate whether you've reached success and eventually whether you're done with weight loss and changing habits.

I want you to be successful by meeting your weight loss goals as well as reaching your Non-Scale Goals (NSGs). You may be satisfied with reaching your NSGs before you get to the magic number (weight loss goal). 

Let's define a range of success that you would be satisfied, happy, and/or ecstatic about—not just one single number defined by the scale. 

Let’s explore a range of numbers that you think will help you reach the feeling or changes that you desire. You will list the non-scale goals that you think you would reach at each weight level--satisfied, happy, and ecstatic.

Today’s mission is to help you make sure that you don't just aim for a single number on the scale as your measure of success. By defining what success looks like for you—both on the scale and off, you can be more strategic about deciding when you've achieved success. You may also decide that you want to take a break at your satisfied weight. You may also decide it's just not worth all the changes you'd have to make to get to ecstatic weight or you might say, “Bring it on.” Your choice.




Today, we're going to talk about your weight loss goal. I like to call this your real goal because a lot of people come to me and they have an idea of a number in their head— 20 pounds, 30 pounds, 60 pounds, whatever that number is.


Now, what that means to them, it's not really about the number. That's not their real goal. That number represents something that they want—whether it's more energy, more confidence fitting in smaller clothes, having less pain, less chronic disease, better labs, or being able to play with their kids on the floor. It could be all kinds of things. That's the real goal.

But they think that losing 20 pounds, 30 pounds, or 60 pounds—that's going to give it to them.

Change in physics

It's not like if the Earth's gravitational force changed and all of us suddenly weighed 20 pounds less, you’d reach your goal. If you stepped on the scale then, you wouldn't have reached your goal. 

It's not about that number. It's about what that number represents. So I don't like people to get fixated on one specific number.

Let's say you were going to lose 30 pounds and you lost 27. Do you say, “Oh, I'm a failure. I didn't make it. I didn’t lose those 30 pounds“?

Well, traditionally, that's what most diets will tell you, “You didn't get to that magic number.”

Three Weight Loss Goals

So, I tell my clients to come up with three different numbers, three different weights, that they would like and those are the numbers that they think will help get them to different non-scale victories.

Those Non-scale victories might be— like now I have enough energy to get through my day, now I have enough energy to play with my kids, now I have clothes in my closet that actually fit— whatever it is.

Your Assignment

So, your assignment today is to fill out the PDF below. 

This pdf has a place where you can list what's important to you for weight loss—what your real goal is.

Is it to have more energy?

Is it to have good cholesterol numbers?

Is it to be able to play with your kids again?

Is it be to be able to look good in your favorite jeans?

Whatever it is for you, you're going to list those things and then you're going to come up with three different weights, not just one.

So, it won’t be then that if you’re one pound short, “Hey, you didn't make it!”

Your 3 Weights

That's not what we're about here at Real Healthy habits, it's more than that number. It's about getting to your real goal, and we're going to have three different weights to shoot for. There's going to be Your Satisfied Weight, Your Happy Weight, and Your Ecstatic Weight. So, you don't have to wait until that Ecstatic Weight to meet your goal. 

I've had clients in the past that have lost 30 pounds. They've gotten some habits that they feel really comfortable with, they've gotten rid of meds for diabetes or blood pressure, but they feel like that they haven't accomplished their goal because they didn't hit the magic number on the scale. But, they had really achieved their real goal.

So I want you to realize it's not just about that number. We're going to give ourselves three different numbers to shoot for.

You can always reevaluate if you hit that satisfied number and you're actually pretty happy with your goals and your habits. You could stay there for a while, and then you can add some new habits again. Then, you could move on to happy weigh. Then, if you get to happy weight, and you're like, “Oh man, I totally got this, we're going to shoot for ecstatic weight.” Then, let’s do that.

So realize that there's three different places that you can aim for and that it's not just about the weight.

Mission Freedom!


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