Day 29--All About Strategies

Welcome to Day 29!

It’s your first weekend at the Moon Training Center, and you’re ready to let your hair down. Well, only figuratively speaking—without gravity it floats in front of your eyes constantly.

You realize that your idea of a good time is not the same as your Mission Commanders. Ugh. Why do you even need to have meetings about relaxing? Oh well, I guess it will be worth it in the end.


What is a Strategy?

A strategy is a set of rules, habits, and guidelines you use to keep moving towards your goals. Strategies are used to develop a plan when you have a reoccurring challenge that differs from your normal day-to-day plan. Some strategies my clients make are Weekend Strategy or Work Travel Strategy.

Strategies are made to help your Assistant know exactly what to do when she is confronted by obstacles, so she doesn’t resort to loopholes. Part of your strategy may also include setting up your environment to minimize temptation as well.

If a situation occurs once and is not likely to occur again, you won't need a formalized strategy. You might just come up with a strategy for that particular day. 

For instance, if your son is on a club swim team and travels once a month to 2-day meets, you should probably develop a formalized, written strategy for how you will keep to your health and weight loss habits and rules while traveling. 

If your daughter has made the gymnastics state finals one time, you could just wing it and come up with a strategy for that day. It doesn't need to be formalized (but you might want to create one in your head just in case).

Common Strategies

Some strategies seem to be universal—most people need these. Then other strategies are going to be unique to you (i.e. traveling for work, going to relatives’ house, etc.)

Common Strategies that Most People Make:

  • Holidays

  • Weekends

  • Vacations

Unique Strategies that People Might Make:

  • Traveling for Work

  • Going Out with Friends

  • Date Night

  • Work Luncheons/ Meetings

  • Kid Being in the Hospital for weeks (one I have)

  • Kids Traveling for Sports

  • I'm Sick Strategy

When You Should Make a Strategy

Can you Identify some common strategies or personalized strategies that you might want to make? 

You don't have to know all the strategies you'll need right now. You'll figure them out as you go through the program. 

When you notice a reoccurring challenge, then create a strategy that might be helpful to deal with it.





Which Strategies

Well, which strategies do you need to make?

Well, that's going to be a personal thing. What I like to do is have people think— Where are they struggling?

First of all, we like to get all of our habits in a row.

So, we've learned about the plate and how to do that. Then we look at where we're having problems. Is it on weekends, holidays, vacation?

Are we needing a strategy when it comes to exercise, maybe beverages, alcohol, coffee, soda—on vacations, holidays, weekends?

You can make a special rule for beverages or desserts in your strategies.

So, those are some of the ones that pretty much everybody has. What about ones that are unique to you?

personalized Strategies

So, there's a million different reasons you might need an individual strategy, but again it's going to go back to where you find yourself trying to rely on willpower or when you are trying to indulge on purpose.

So, some people have one when they go out of town. They need a going out of town strategy for work.

Other people have one maybe for when they're going out to bars with their friends.

Other people have strategies for things like going to relative's house

Or maybe even something so simple as, the weather has changed. Now it's wintertime and you can't do exercise like you used to.

So, there's lots of different reasons you may need an individual strategy.

So think right now about when you would like to indulge on purpose, whenever things are going to be different than your usual day-to-day regular habits.

And, we're going to list think of those things where you might need a strategy.

Below is a worksheet that will help you to do that. (Disregard the worksheet. I will include it later in the week. Look to the introduction of this lesson for this info.) There'll be all the common ones that people have, a few of the personalized ones that my clients have had, and then come up with some ideas of what strategies you might need. See you back tomorrow.

Mission Freedom!