Day 26--Planning to Be Successful

Welcome to Day 26!

Uh-Oh! You just heard a loud bang outside the lunar exploration rocket. There's some smoke. Now sirens are screeching and red lights are flashing.

But, your Astronaut Boot camp training kicks in. You know just what to do. Automatically you pull this switch and push that button. You've switched to an auxiliary engine, and you didn't miss a beat. Good thing you paid attention in class and spent all those hours in the simulator. A good plan and back-up plan has saved the mission, your life, and the lives of your fellow crew members. Great Job, Lieutenant.


Today we're talking about how to plan your habits so you'll always be successful. 

We know somedays you'll feel lazy, and other days you're going to feel tempted. You need to stop being so optimistic. 

It's going to rain sometimes. Your spinach is going to turn slimy, and your kids are going to have soccer tournaments. 

You need to stack success in your favor by planning to be successful and make plan for your habits.

Make the Lazy Choice (the Healthy Choice)

You don't want to use willpower to accomplish your new habit every day. You want to make it as easy as possible for the Assistant to do the habit. Let's keep resistance down to a minimum. I call this "Make the Healthy Choice, The Lazy Choice" or the Make Things Easy Plan

By doing this, you set yourself up for success. If you do this right, the Assistant actually has to work hard to fail. What does that mean?

If your habit is to have a salad at lunch, make sure that you have a large salad prepped every week to dig into at lunch and no other options at home/ work. 

Don't expect the Assistant to make a salad every day. Make it so it's the easiest thing for her to grab at lunch time.

Make a Plan

Having a Weekly Plan is another key to successful planning. The Assistant knows just what to do.

By thinking about your week beforehand, you can think about what obstacles may come up and how to do your best despite them.

Do you see how making the habit easy to do and then having a plan can ensure your success? By having a Make Things Easy Plan and a Weekly Plan, you go from barely likely to succeed to success assured.

You may have already done this in your mind, but you may have to think about what you’d like your ideal day or week to be like first before doing your Weekly Plan. I have step-by-step instructions on this blog post.

Once you’ve planned your template day or week, then you can incorporate a specific Weekly Plan during your Weekly Review time. You don’t have to make plans for everything on the sheet like meals, exercise, steps, sleep, etc. Just make plans where you are at right now. So, if you’ve only been working on a lunch habit, then only plan out your lunches for the week.

One step at a time!





Plan to Suceed

You know, the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Well, we're not about that here. We're going to plan to be successful. And, with that we're going to get our days on track.

So, it'd be great if every day we could just have the same habits and we'd just fall in line and everything would go perfect, right? But, that's not how real life is. You know, we have meetings that come up or maybe our kids have a soccer game, or we have a dentist appointment. Our day-to-day schedule is not the same. And, so we're going to plan ahead of time.

Weekly Plan

Ultimate Daily Schedule

The first thing that we're going to do is we're going to come up with a daily schedule. What it would be like if we had an ultimate day? This is a kind of template for our day—like when we would exercise and when we would eat our different meals?

But then things get tricky, right?

We never can keep just to that perfect day, but we're going to have a plan for that. Don't worry.

So think back last week when you did that personal meal plan, right? Your PMP, you kind of made a template for your meals. Well, for breakfast I'll eat this, lunch—I'll eat this, dinner—I'll eat this. And that's kind of what we're doing here. We're looking at our day and we're coming up with a template for our ultimate day.

So, here's when I do exercise. Here's when I go on a walk. Here's when I go to be. Here's when I have my different meals. That’s our ultimate day plan.

Ultimate Weekly Template

But now we're going to add something on to our weekly review. We're going to plan ahead.

So, once we have that ultimate day, we know every day is not going to be perfect. We're going to have changes from day-to-day. 

So, then I want you to come up with kind of a weekly template.

If you know every Sunday you go to church, then you're going to block that time out. That time will be church time. And then ideally you’d go for a walk after church, so pencil that in.

And, then maybe on Mondays you have a staff meeting at lunch time. So, you know that you need to plan lunch options ahead for that.

You put in all your weekly commitments that are the same from week to week.

Weekly Review and Planning Session

Once you have this template (or at least a good idea in your brain), we’re going to add a new piece to the weekly review.

When you're doing your weekly review, not only are you going to review how things went last week, you're also going to plan ahead.

There's a little box that you may have already noticed on that weekly review that talks about what you're going to do for the next week—how you're going to make it even better. Now, you're also going to have another sheet that talks about your weekly plan. You can actually plan stuff in there, so you can be successful next week. 

Your Weekly Plan

So you might have plan stuff like your dinner meals this week.

“Oh, I might be going out to dinner on Friday night. Let me make sure I have that scheduled.”

And, you look at things and you plan ahead. So that no matter what happens that week, you're in control, you're successful and you're meeting your goals.

If you have a meeting in the morning, then you figure out how you're going to go to the gym in the afternoon. You meet your goals no matter what.

Your Assignment

Go ahead, and start working on it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just give yourself an opportunity to go through these steps.

They'll be on the worksheets below. You’ll figure out your ultimate day, your template for the week, and then you're going to start looking from week-to-week when you do that weekly review and planning for the week so that you can have success.

All right? Any questions? Just ask your coach.Your Assignment

Mission Freedom!

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