Day 25--Indulge on Purpose

Welcome to Day 25!

After a long harrowing week, your reward was a long video chat with your friends back on Earth. All week you could barely wait. And then it was amazing how much you enjoyed such a simple thing—connecting with your friends. No video chat you had on Earth was quite the same. It’s funny how precious they have become. You’re already anticipating your next one. Who knew?


Be sure to plan when you will do today's assignment. This is one homework assignment you won’t want to miss. Continue working on the plate habit you made last week. 

Indulge on Purpose

Many of us only have experience trying to stay away from indulgences. We break down in moments of weakness and then indulge--either not noticing the treats we just ate or feeling guilty about it. Part of having a Dessert Rule (and next week --Holiday and Vacation Strategies) is learning to indulge on purpose and enjoy our treats.

How to Indulge on Purpose

One of the greatest pleasures in life is food. Let's be sure that in our haste to lose weight, we don't forget that. We want to enjoy treats, not only to keep the Assistant from rebelling, but because food is supposed to be enjoyed.  You're allowed to love food. Let's savor our planned indulgences!

There are four steps to Indulge on Purpose--have a plan, prioritize, limit, and savor your indulgences.

  1. Have a plan to indulge and anticipate your indulgence.--Research shows that a way that you can enjoy something even more is to anticipate the event. When I see stories about kids whose parents spring a trip to Disneyworld on them, I feel sad that the kids didn't get the chance to anticipate the adventure. Make sure that the Assistant knows a treat is coming, what it is, and has a chance to anticipate it. 

  2. Prioritize indulgences. Make sure that your indulgence is worth savoring. If your building some anticipation for a treat, make sure it's something worth anticipating. A store-bought cookie is not worthy of Dessert Day. Be a food snob and only treat yourself to something worth enjoying.

  3. Limit that indulgent food. Make sure that there aren't leftovers. When you make a huge pan of brownies and there's tons laying around calling to you for days afterwards, then the splurge is not quite as enjoyable. Guilt and willpower sneak in there. It becomes a power struggle between the Boss and the Assistant. Make it easy on yourself (and the scale) by buying small pans, halving recipes, or using small batch treat cookbooks like this onethis one, or this one. 

  4. Savor and take your time eating it. Take your time to eat it by using the smallest fork or spoon you can find. Make each bite last in your mouth. Talk about it while you eat it. What are the textures and tastes? Was it as good as you anticipated? Are you sad when you're all done?

Indulge on Purpose

Your assignment is this week or weekend to indulge on purpose. Use the four steps listed below and notice how Indulging on Purpose is different than your previous experiences with treats. Be sure to share your experience with your coach.





Indulge on Purpose

Today I wanna talk a little bit more about indulging on purpose. For many of us, we've really aren't familiar with that concept. The Assistant's been able to do whatever she wants whenever she wants. And, usually we're trying not to pay attention when we indulge.

Well, when we indulge or splurge on purpose, we want to make the most of that experience. It's okay to love food! It's a pleasurable experience. So let's actually enjoy it and let's make it easy for ourselves to enjoy it, so that we don't go overboard on the other side and regret it.

So how can we indulge on purpose?

Plan and Anticipate

The first thing we want do is make sure that we actually have a plan for indulging on purpose, and that we remember that that's what we're going to do. And we also anticipate it. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself is to have some anticipation going into it. 
So think about it beforehand.

That's all right. It's okay to be like, “Oh, Friday is my dessert day. I'm so excited. This is the food I'm going to have and it's going to taste awesome.”

So, go ahead and get some anticipation going. You'll enjoy it even more.

Make it Worth It

The next thing you want to do is make sure that you prioritize your indulgences. So you know if it's not something that's very good, if it's something that came out of a box, it might not be worth the indulgence.

So again, when you're thinking about it beforehand, make sure that it's something that's worth the indulgence. And, if you have several different things on your wish list for indulging, prioritize them. Go for the one that will have the biggest bang for the buck for you, the one that you will really enjoy the most. So prioritize those indulgences.

Limit the Amount Available

The next thing that you want to do is you want to limit the amount of that indulgent food on hand.

You don't want that treat to go on and on for days because you made a big batch or bought too much. So half the batch if you need to. Iff it's something that you make or get individual sizes, you don't have to make every single cupcake from a cake box. You don't need 24 cupcakes. So, throw some of that batter away. Get smaller size pans, whatever it is that you need to do, to make sure there's not too many leftovers hanging around after that indulgence.

Savor the Indulgence

Then, the last thing that I want you to do is to enjoy it when you actually splurge or indulge. That means take your time and talk about it while you're eating it. Notice the taste, smell it, and savor it. Make it a special occasion or a special, experience. Make it worth it.

Mission Freedom!