Day 2-- Find Your Truly Motivating Why


Your application to join the RHH Space Settlement Program--Freedom Mission has been reviewed, and you’ve been accepted.

This first week we’ll be spending time preparing for take-off. I know you want to get on the path to the Freedom Galaxy, but we’ve got some work to do up-front to get ready for the journey.

Today’s mission is to help you get committed and stay committed no matter what obstacles (whether its an ice cream sundae or a green alien) show up along the way.



Getting the Boss Part of Your Brain On Board

Before we can retrain The Assistant (part of the brain), we've got to get the boss invested in losing weight. Because if The Boss (the thinking part of your brain) isn't motivated to lose weight, it’s never going to happen.

Focusing on Your Motivation

We’re going to get get some life-changing motivation—your why. To do this, I like to borrow a technique that the Toyota Motor Company pioneered. It's called the Five Whys or Root Cause Analysis.

Toyota would use this technique in their manufacturing process to backwards plan and see what went wrong in their processes.

We're going to use it to find out the real reason you're here to lose weight, and why it's important to you. Then, we’ll use it to light your fire or keep you motivated day-to-day. It's will keep you moving forward when things get hard. 

The Five Whys

So how do we do this? Well, I said it's the five whys—we just ask ourselves the question, “Why?” five times.

I'm going to go ahead and go through the Five Whys process to illustrate how to do it by showing you the Five Whys that I used when I was losing my 40 pounds after thyroid disease.


So the first thing you're going to do is you're going write down your goal. So for me it was, “I want to lose 40 pounds.”

WHY #1

Then you have to ask yourself the question, why? So why? Because I want to stop worrying about my weight.

WHY #2

Okay? The second time, ask yourself “Why?” again. Why is it important to me to lose the weight? Because I want to be healthy and confident.

WHY #3

Ask “Why?” a third time? Because I want to be a good example to my daughters.

WHY #4

Ask “Why?” a fourth time. Because I want my daughters to grow up to be healthy and confident by my example. 

Here's our last Why, the fifth one. “Why?” Because I love them and I want them to spend their life energy on more important issues than their weight.


Then, you're going to summarize all of this into your Truly Motivating Why. Be sure to include the most important points.

So my summary— I want to lose 40 pounds so that I will be an example of health and confidence to my daughters so they can spend their lives on what matters most to them.

5 Whys.png

The Assignment

So here's what you're going to do today. Fill out the PDF on your Five Whys. That summary statement is important. It’s your reason for losing weight.

Now I want you to print off this pdf or copy down this summary statement and hang it on the bathroom wall, on the mirror, or on the scale—somewhere where you can see it every day first thing.

You can even take a picture of it with your phone and put it as your wallpaper on your phone.

Double Click to Download:

Double Click to Download.

Double Click to Download.

Why Your Brain Needs a daily reminder

It’s important to read over this every day because throughout the day your brain shifts priorities or goals for the day (especially as you lose energy and willpower throughout the day).

We want to remind your brain every day that losing weight is not just about getting into a smaller pair of jeans for you (although that can be part of it too). There is a big reason why and reading over it daily will help you keep it at that top of your priority list.

Mission Freedom!