Day 17--Beverages--Drink Up

Welcome to Day 17!

The Moon is dusty—super dusty. Your training is going well, but you do miss the green and blue of Earth. You forgot how much water meant to you.

It’s funny how you’ve always taken water for granted, until it’s all gone. What you wouldn’t give to take a hot shower, jump into a refreshing pool, or just have one cool glass of water (that hadn’t been packaged and sterilized).

Oh well, this is what you signed up for.

Mission Freedom!


Today's lesson is purely informational. Continue working on the plate habit you made last week. You don't need to create a new habit around beverages yet, but just keep this info in your "back pocket" until you need/ want to make a new habit.

You probably have some questions about what and how much you should be drinking, so today we're talking about beverages.

Water Does a Body Good

What should you be drinking? It's no surprise, but our main beverage should be water, and you want to be drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. We take water for granted most of the time, but it’s amazing how awesome it is when we’re really thirsty.

Make it easy on the Assistant to get her 6-8 glasses per day. Carry a water bottle with you. Make sure your water is good tasting and refrigerated. 

Water tastes awesome and is super refreshing, but not in comparison to soda, juice, Crystal Light, coffee, margaritas, or wine.

Drink Up, Assistant

Your Assistant loves sugar or artificially sweetened beverages, caffeine, and alcohol so she will want to choose those type of drinks over water.

Make sure that the "Healthy Choice is the Lazy Choice." Make sure that water is easily accessible, good tasting, and cold, while other beverages you'd have to go to the store for.

So what about when you drink something other than water? There are two things to think about when choosing beverages other than water-- Calories and Crave-ability.


When you eat something, your Assistant says, "Oh, I just ate something with calories. I'm not as hungry anymore." 

But when it comes to beverages, your Assistant does not register the calories. You're just as hungry as before you drank all those calories. So, it's very easy to overdo the calories when you drink them. 

So keep caloric beverages to a minimum--only on special occasions. You don't want your weight loss to stall for something your body doesn't even register as food!


The other factor to consider when it comes to beverages is crave-ability. Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol all cause the dopamine centers in your brain to light up. The Assistant will often want more and more of these substances. Consuming them can be a slippery slope for some people.

There are documented health benefits of coffee and alcohol (absolutely no health benefits for soda), but don't start drinking them just for the health benefits.

Also, be honest with yourself. If your one glass of wine a night starts becoming 2-3, or your morning coffee goes from grande size to vent size, you may want to start setting some rules around beverages for the Assistant.  

You May Need a Rule or Strategy

Next week we will be talking about how to set up rules and strategies, so hang tight until next week if you need a beverage strategy.

Remember to be a scientist and be truthful with yourself about your beverage habits. Notice how they're affecting your cravings, your energy, your health, and your weight.






What to do about beverages? So far we haven't really talked about beverages. Well, we're going to talk about them today.

Caloric Drinks

There are a couple of things we want to think of when it comes to beverages.

First of all, are they caloric vs non-caloric? So, you know we don't want to get a ton of extra calories through beverages. You’re trying to lose weight and get healthy after all.

Calories in beverages are tricky. And, the reason why is your body does not notice the calories in beverages.

So when it comes to food, if you eat something that has calories, your body body registers those calories. It says, “Oh, I had some food. I'm not as hungry.”

Well, unfortunately, the same thing does not happen with beverages. Your body doesn't register those calories (that you just drank) so it still stays hungry. So, we want to keep caloric beverages to a minimum, not too often just kind of a special treat.

Now what about the other thing to think of? 


Well, the other thing we want to think about is craving versus non-craving beverages. There's plenty of crave-able beverages.

What I'm talking about here is drinks with sugar, caffeine, or alcohol. Those drinks can be great treats, but they aren’t drink all day kinds of drinks.

We need to know ourselves. When do those drinks start getting to be too much? Do we feel like The Assistant is taking things into her own hands and making us want those things more and more?

Well, then we might need to come up with a Bright Line Rule. I'm going to have a link below talking about how to make a Bright Line Rule, but you may need to come up with one when it comes to crave-able drinks (actually we talk about this next week, so hang tight).

So, maybe you have one coffee every morning or one tea in the afternoon. And that's it. Same thing with alcohol. Maybe you have a rule—one beer on Friday night.


You know that studies show that alcohol can be good in certain amounts for your health, but again, you really need to take into account what it's doing to The Assistant and whether you’re meeting your own personal health and weigh loss goals. Is the Assistant telling you “More and more” or “That would be great!”

Think about if alcohol is starting to wake you up in the middle of the night or make you go a little bit overboard when it comes to food. Those are all things you got to look for when you are drinking.

So, you might need to come up with some rules around alcohol. You might decide, “This is the way I'm going to do it. One mixed drink when I go out with friends. One glass of wine on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

Again, it's going to be personal. So start thinking about what you’d like to do with beverages and we’ll come up with rules or habits together in the future.

If you need some help, put a question there (in the app), and I'll help you come up with your own guidelines.